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VALO Rebrands to VAILO as it expands into the United States 

VALO has announced that it will be changing its name and rebranding to VAILO as part of its expansion internationally, as well as better reflecting the company’s brand personality and values.  

Chief Executive and founder Aaron Hickmann said after another trip to the United States last week to scope VAILO’s first export project, he was excited to announce the company’s rebrand as it grew and continued to develop its vision to become a global leader in ultra-high-performance LED sports lighting and digital displays.  

“The name VALO, meaning ‘light’, was associated with several diverse products and services globally,” Mr Hickmann said.  

“It has been a success for us in Australia, however owning a single word in a unique spelling while retaining the pronunciation is important for our rapid expansion as we export product to stadia projects globally.”   

“We believe that our new name better reflects our vision and values as a company and will help us differentiate ourselves in this and other new markets as we expand our reach.”  

The company is currently finalising a property acquisition in the US, where it will set up a new office and manufacturing facility for Northern American-specific LED lighting and digital displays. The facility will operate in conjunction with the Australian advanced manufacturing sites where Australian-made parts will be exported for final assembly in the US.   

VAILO’s new name and brand will be reflected across all its platforms, including its products, partnerships, website, social media channels and marketing materials progressively from today. 

About VAILO: 

VAILO is an Australian advanced technology company with its core in ultra-high-performance LED lighting. Founded in 2012, the company has completed a range of stadium lighting and LED digital display installations across Australia.  

It has transitioned from importer to manufacturer, exporting Australian-designed and made LED lighting products with its flagship stadium light, the Zenith Gen-V.    

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