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Kaurna Country
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Can VAILO help with grant applications?

VAILO can provide a lighting design, pole infrastructure engineering report and quote to add to your grant application/s.

Do you provide a quotation for electrical installation?

VAILO works with a number of electrical contractors to provide an installation quotation for your project.

Can you retrofit your lights on our existing poles?

VAILO can *conduct a retrofit study to see if we can install our lights on your current poles if you provide us with the pole engineering data. If you do not have the data, we can conduct a pole engineering inspection for a fee to then conduct a retrofit study.

*Does not apply to poles older than 20 years.

Does VAILO do lux audits?

VAILO can engage a third-party electrical contractor at a cost to you to conduct a lux audit.

Does VAILO undertake the installation of your products?

No, we work with third-party electrical contractors to install our products.

What are the lead times for VAILO lights?

Although lead times may differ during specific periods, our Zenith Gen-V luminaire is Australian-made which means VAILO has reduced lead times compared to our competitors.

Do VAILO products come with warranty?

Our Zenith Gen-V is warranted for 10 years, and all other lights and screens are warranted for five years.