Digital Displays

Delivering seamless visual performance through various pixel pitches and densities, our modular Horizon LED digital display range offers energy-efficient, uninterrupted viewing for dynamic brand storytelling.

VAILO provides turn-key solutions for various state-of-the-art LED digital display products, supplied as permanent or temporary structures.

Permanent LED digital display solutions 

VAILO designs and delivers custom permanent digital display solutions to meet specifications ranging from community club scoreboards to large-format arena and stadium screens.

Temporary digital displays

VAILO assists sporting clubs and event organisers through the provision of tailor-made temporary screen solutions suitable for a wide range of uses.

Mobile digital displays

VAILO’s mobile digital displays offer event organisers a cost-effective solution for high-quality temporary screens that can be quickly assembled and disassembled. Available in three sizes: 7×4, 5×3, and 6.4×3.6.

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