VAILO in South Australia focused on bringing manufacturing back in Australia

VAILO expands in SA and brings manufacturing back onshore

Premium stadium lighting manufacturer VAILO is expanding its operations and has opened an $8 million state-of-the-art research, development and production hub at Kent Town. 

VAILO, which is targeting domestic and international markets in premium stadium lighting, will use Kent Town to ramp up production, bringing its manufacturing back onshore and centralising operations in its new, carbon-neutral facility. 

Founder and CEO Aaron Hickmann said VAILO had grown its local staff from four to 15 over the past 12 months and was rapidly growing. 

The company has invested heavily in research and development, plant and equipment – including surface mount technology and an assembly line, VAILO is ready to manufacture its most advanced lighting systems in Adelaide.

“Having production move back onshore will allow us to increase employment in South Australia and provide economic benefits for the state in an emerging advanced manufacturing industry,” Mr Hickmann said. 

“VAILO is future focused and we’re constantly researching and developing smart lighting products which will improve sustainability, reduce carbon footprints and provide significant benefits to wide-ranging communities.  

“We’re accelerating the use of disruptive technologies, not just in premium sport stadium lighting, but also in street lighting, and producing cutting-edge, high performance lighting solutions for other large-scale environments such as airports, sea ports, transport hubs and distribution centres, both in Australia and internationally.” 

Mr Hickmann, who founded VAILO in Adelaide in 2012, said the company was also exploring opportunities with councils regarding smart street lighting solutions. 

“We can produce street lighting which harnesses cutting-edge smart technology and is energy efficient, resulting in significant savings and lighting that can harness the internet of things to improve environments, increase safety and collect useful data,” he said. 

VAILO has partnered with organisations nationally, including Sport SA, Sport NSW, VicSport, Baseball Australia, Adelaide United, the Hawthorn Football Club and Illuminate Adelaide – covering sport, the arts, motorsport, transport and public spaces. 

“Stadium infrastructure across Australia is ageing, and there’s a need to bring lighting up to broadcast quality in many areas. With major events such as the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup on our doorstep, our lighting needs are becoming increasingly important.”

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VAILO has proudly been featured in The Advertiser and Australian Manufacturing.

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