VAILO LED Lighting, Zenith Gen-V the Australian made LED sports light

Ultra high-powered LED to come off the line in VAILO’s HQ

As VAILO moves from global importer to Australian manufacturer, the much-anticipated Zenith Gen-V will soon be released to the public. 

The luminaire, the fifth generation in the Zenith evolution, is one of the best-in-class LED stadium lights globally, offering 1500 watts of power and over 200,000 lumens, it also features some of the most advanced technology to date, including advanced aluminium alloys, high efficiency LEDs, and custom designed optics.  

VAILO Engineering & Production Manager Phil McKenzie revealed the many features of the product, one of the most exciting in his opinion, that Gen-V is made to last in the harshest environmental and ecological conditions. 

“The Gen-V has a stadia lighting focus while also being suitable for applications such as airports, seaports and mining operations,” Phil says.  

“Being an Australian company, we know the harsh impact the environment can have on these outdoor applications. 

“Our Australian based team have designed and engineered the luminaire to deliver consistent performance over a sustained period in all elements, with the base material and coating carefully considered in the process for this purpose.”  

Zenith Gen-V is also VAILO’s first product off the line from its new state-of-the-art, carbon neutral manufacturing facility in Kent Town, South Australia, less than 1km from the Adelaide CBD.  

Passionate about bringing manufacturing back to South Australia, CEO & Founder Aaron Hickman is transitioning VAILO from importer to exporter, delivering Australian made products to the world.  

“We have invested over $8m in R&D, plant and equipment in the past few years,” Aaron says. 

“As well as this, we will always use Australian based suppliers where possible. 

“Accelerating high-tech manufacturing in Australia creates considerable local jobs while saving clients substantial lead time and delivery costs thanks to our geographical proximity.” 

Already contracted across several projects, the Zenith Gen-V is currently in the final stages of development and will be available to the market in the coming months.