VAILO Australian made and designed Zenith Gen-V LED sports lighting

VAILO releases state-of-the-art LED sports light

led sports light sports lighting

The Zenith Gen-V, one of the best-in-class LED sports lights, has officially rolled off the line at VAILO’s South Australian manufacturing facility.  

With more than 230,000 source lumens, the 1,500 watt luminaire has been designed for sports stadia and fields but is also suitable for applications such as airports, sea ports and mining operations – taking floodlighting performance to the next level.  

Weighing just 24kg and with a functional surface area of 0.25m2, VAILO Chief Commercial Officer Sam Vial says the Zenith Gen-V is one of the lightest and smallest luminaires in its class.  

“Lower product weight and size are extremely important to minimise infrastructure and installation labour, leading to a reduced overall project cost,” Mr Vial said.  

“At the same time, we needed to design and engineer Zenith Gen-V to survive the harshest environmental conditions and meet product life-cycle expectations. It was a difficult balancing act for the team, but we are very proud of the outcome.”  

VAILO has used a number of state-of-the-art technological advancements in the design of the Zenith Gen-V, including thermal simulation tools for heat-sink design, advanced aluminium alloys, high-efficiency LEDs, custom-designed optics, and high-performance powder coat materials.  

“Our research and engineering teams scoured the globe for the best partners, technologies and materials to work with. We really wanted to push our Zenith Gen-V’s performance, weight, size and quality to a new level,” Mr Vial said.  

“We have also designed and installed a bespoke testing chamber at our South Australian facility to stress test every Zenith Gen-V to 100 per cent capacity before it leaves the factory. This attention to detail enables us to offer a 10-year product warranty to the market.”  

VAILO Chief Executive Officer and Founder Aaron Hickmann says the Australian Made certified product had been several years in the making.  

“It has always been a passion of mine to bring manufacturing back to South Australia,” Mr Hickmann said.  

“Manufacturing locally creates numerous jobs and saves substantial lead times and delivery costs. We have global aspirations and this launch will accelerate our plans.  

“The Zenith Gen-V is our first Australian designed and manufactured product, with more to follow.”  

VAILO has several Zenith Gen-V projects in the pipeline, including an installation at Norwood Oval, less than 1km from VAILO’s manufacturing facility.  

For more information, contact VAILO Business Development Manager Josh Dolan 0407 384 175.