2023 VAILO Adelaide 500

  • Client

    South Australian Motorsport Board

  • Products Installed

    Horizon LED digital display
    Zenith Gen-V

  • Date of Completion


VAILO supplied the 2023 VAILO Adelaide 500 in-event super-screens as part of its three-year contract with the South Australian Motorsport Board and principal contractor iEDM. 

With a challenge to make this year even bigger and better than 2022, VAILO installed 34 screens across 26 installations, covering a combined area of 785 square metres. 

Innovations included the addition of four new LED digital gate entry displays and six mobile displays. The mobility of the displays allowed for versatile use during the event, seamlessly transitioning from the track to the concert oval, offering a cost-effective solution. The largest screens, measuring 8m x 4.5m, were positioned on cube and triple screen structures at both ends of the pit straight. 

The cutting-edge displays are some of the brightest in the market to date at 10,000 nits. They not only facilitated optimal race viewing in full sunlight from various locations but also served as effective tools for wayfinding and targeted promotion at specific intervals. 

Working closely with delivery partners including primary partner PCB Digital and local rigging partners, VAILO installed the displays in as little as three weeks. 

VAILO also installed 14 Australian designed and made Zenith Gen-V LED luminaires along the pit-straight building to provide after-hours safety and security. 

Technical quick facts 

    • 34 screens across 26 installations 
    • 785 square metres of screens 
    • Brightness of up to 10,000 nits 
    • Six mobile digital displays, four entry screens, one square structure, one triple-screen structure and 14 rigged displays.