Adelaide 36ers Arena

  • Client

    Adelaide 36ers

  • Products Installed

    Zenith Gen-I

  • Date of Completion


In 2015, VAILO completed the Adelaide 36ers Arena (formerly known as Titanium Security Arena), making it the first National Basketball League (NBL) venue in Australia to meet the lighting standards set by the International Basketball Association (FIBA) at level one. This achievement highlights VAILO’s commitment to excellence in sports lighting.

The Adelaide 36ers Arena served as the home stadium for the Adelaide 36ers basketball team, hosting numerous fixtures throughout various NBL seasons. These games were televised on Foxtel, with viewers consistently noting the exceptional court appearance on screen. This visual excellence can be attributed to VAILO’s use of high-quality Zenith Gen-I luminaires.

By meeting FIBA’s stringent lighting standards, VAILO ensured that the Adelaide 36ers Arena provided optimal lighting conditions for players and creating an immersive experience for spectators both in the arena and through televised broadcasts.