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VAILO supplied digital displays for the highly anticipated Illuminate Adelaide 2023 season, enhancing the visual and immersive experiences offered to attendees.

VAILO’s innovative digital displays took centre stage at the entrance of the Mirror Mirror exhibition, situated in Victoria Square with two distinct screens. One screen, measuring an impressive five metres in width by 2.5 metres in height, complementing this was another screen, slightly smaller at three metres by 2.5 metres, yet both equally impactful.

A four-by-four metre screen also became a canvas for the City Lights – Faces exhibition at the historic Queen’s Theatre.

Given the nature of the two exhibitions, all three screens had a 3.9-pixel pitch. The choice of pixel pitch ensured that the displays’ intricate details and vivid colours remained clear, even for viewers within close proximity.

“VAILO’s commitment to innovation make the company a perfectly aligned partner for Illuminate Adelaide. We are very grateful for the invaluable contribution of VAILO’s screen technology that helped enable our massive program across our city in winter engaging large audiences in experiences combining creativity and innovation.” – Lee Cumberlidge and Rachael Azzopardi, Illuminate Adelaide Co-Founders and Creative Directors