Kingswood Oval

  • Client

    City of Mitcham

  • Products Installed

    Zenith Gen-V

  • Date of Completion


The lighting upgrade of the City of Mitcham‘s Kingswood Oval in Adelaide’s south involved the installation of 24 VAILO Zenith Gen-V luminaires. 

The project complexity was increased by the council wanting to utilise the existing four poles rather than replacing them. VAILO took advantage of the low surface area and weight of the Zenith Gen-V to be able to install more luminaires on the existing poles. VAILO worked closely with Ingal EPS to design new curved headframes to mount to the existing poles, achieving a clean-looking installation. 

The 24 Zenith Gen-V luminaires achieved an average illumination of 200 lux across the oval whilst also ensuring light spill to the neighbours was minimised. Installation was completed within a week, and feedback from both the Mitcham Council and Unley Jets Football Club has been positive.