Norwood Oval

  • Client

    Norwood Football Club

  • Products Installed

    Zenith Gen-V, Horizon Sport LED digital display

  • Date of Completion


In 2022, VAILO installed 192 Zenith Gen-V 1500W LED luminaires and 300 metres of cutting-edge digital displays positioned along the perimeter of Norwood Oval (Coopers Stadium) in Adelaide’s east. 

VAILO worked closely with GM Poles who designed and supplied four new 35-meter poles with specialty lightning shaped headframes.  

The upgrade was a significant milestone, as it elevated the stadium’s lighting to broadcast quality standards, enabling the venue to host various night games. 

Notably, Norwood Oval became the first suburban ground in South Australia to feature an LED digital display boundary, greatly enriching the spectator experience at day and night matches and generating increased revenue for the club. 

This achievement is a testament to VAILO’s expertise in utilising luminaires and digital displays to elevate and enhance sporting grounds. 

“The VAILO team delivered excellence in every aspect, illuminating the ground with the latest LED technology, a true masterpiece in lighting design.” – James Fantasia, CEO, Norwood Football Club